Mid-Sized Binoculars

Nikon Superior E 8x32 - Reviewed 2/98

Wouldn't it be wonderful to own binoculars which weighed less than 12 ounces, fit in your pocket, and yet still provided a satisfying enough view of the bird to substitute for your full sized (or even mid-sized) binoculars, day-in-and-day-out?

Venturer LX 32s

If you have been reading the reviews here at BVD for any length of time, you know that I am a strong advocate for mid-sized binoculars, 8x30-32s, as a primary birding glass. In all most all real-life field birding situations, an exceptional 8x32 will provide all the detail and brightness the human eye can use, and without the burden of weight and the bulk of full-sized glasses. My own birding glass of choice, for several years now, has been the extraordinary 8x32 Nikon Superior E.

Leica Ultra 8X32

You may recall the mini review of the new Leica Ultra 8X32s in the August 1993 issue, and you may also recall my initial enthusiasm. Since that time I have done more extensive testing and added untold hours of field experience with the glasses, and I am coming to the somewhat reluctant conclusion that the 8X32s may just be the best all-around birding binoculars currently on the market.

Swarovski SLC 8X30

As regular readers of BVD know, I am fascinated by the possibilities of the mid-sized binoculars class. I believe it should be possible to produce an 8X30-35 binoculars that would provide all the performance a birder needs and do it in a relatively light weight, compact package that would be a joy to carry in the field.

   -- Celestron Ultima 8X32